Ikoniscope Robotic Microscope

The Ikoniscope® Robotic Microscope

The FDA Cleared Ikoniscope provides fully-automated slide handling, slide scanning, and real-time image capture and analysis, and eliminates many of the factors that cause human error in testing.  It can scan and analyze up to 2,000,000 cells on a single slide, and as such, is designed for rare-cell detection based tests that cannot be performed manually due to the sheer number of cells that must be analyzed.  The technology can also be used to automate tedious, labor intensive manual tests that can be undertaken in an efficient, reliable manner utilizing the Ikoniscope.

The Ikoniscope is designed for “walk-away” functionality, thus allowing the operator to focus their time on reviewing cells of interest instead of performing the otherwise labor-intensive step of sorting the cells that matters from the million of cells surrounding it.  Slides with cell depositions or tissue samples are placed into a cassette (which holds up to 25 slides), and loaded into the Ikoniscope (which holds up to 7 cassettes for a total capacity of 175 slides).  The system then automatically uploads the slides and scans each of the cells on every slide first in low-magnification and then in high-magnification, taking digital images of all of the cells it reviews. Using the digital images and advanced slide processing algorithms, the system analyzes all fluorescent signals within the cells. After the analysis, the results of the test are digitally stored.  The operator is then able to review the results on a computer screen, and print customizable reports of the analysis.

A series of software products are available for the scanning and analysis of slides prepared with a variety of FISH probes. Product include oncoFISH bladder, for analysis of , oncoFISH her2, for analysis of , oncoFISH . In addition, the Ikonisoft  explorer cs and Ikonisoft  explorer tissue applications allow scanning of cell suspension or tissue preparations hybridized with any FISH probe combination, utilizing user defined analytical parameters.