oncoFISH cervical Test Overview

Ikonisys offers the oncoFISH cervical test. It is run on the Ikoniscope Digital Microscopy System and can be used in conjunction with other testing to better manage patients previously diagnosed with an LSIL result.

oncoFISH cervical is an automated qualitative fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) test for determining the acquisition of specific chromosomal aneuploidies within the 3q26 region in cytological specimens revealing LSIL.

oncoFISH cervical provides information to assist the physician in the clinical management of LSIL prior to colposcopy.

Approximately 10% of patients diagnosed with LSIL will progress to HSIL, 60% will regress to normal and 30% will remain LSIL (Nasiell K, et al. 1986, Ostor AG, et al. 1993, Melnikow J, et al. 1998, Holowaty P, et al. 1999, Wright TC, et al. 2007).

Historically, it has not been possible to identify which patients will progress or not. The oncoFISH cervical test provides a more predictive tool to aid the clinician in managing an LSIL diagnosis.

It is recommended that the physician use the oncoFISH cervical test results as part of the patient's overall clinical assessment in the context of current clinical practice guidelines. oncoFISH cervical is not intended to be used as a stand-alone test.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The objective presence of cells with a significant amplification of 3q26 is the smoking gun in the pathogenesis of cervical cancer: finally we can give our gynaecologists a clearer picture. The oncoFISH cervical test enables us to offer a new dimension of cervical cancer diagnosis and we are thrilled to be the first in Europe to offer such a test."

Vittorio Grazioli, MD, Centro Diagnostico Italiano, Milan, Italy