Enabling Technology

The CellOptics® platform is the foundation for the highly accurate, automated diagnostic tests we offer and represents the fusion of cell and molecular biology, microscopy imaging, artificial intelligence and informatics. Ikonisys realized that none of these technologies could, by itself, satisfy the requirements for completely automated cell based diagnostics, and therefore created the CellOptics platform.

CellOptics provides the tools and protocols to create seamless, highly integrated procedures for automated and unattended cell based diagnostic products, representing a welcome new approach for a discipline that has traditionally required long training and tedious work by laboratory scientists, physicians and technologists.

At the heart of the CellOptics platform sits the Ikoniscope®/IkoniLAN® Digital Microscopy System, which supports a broad spectrum of cell based diagnostic applications. Its exceptional sensitivity and speed make it particularly well suited for rare cell detection with dramatic implications for disease diagnosis, disease monitoring and therapy. Other elements of the CellOptics platform are proprietary processes and technologies including: cell enrichment techniques, staining techniques, specialized slides, antibodies and FISH probes.

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