oncoFISH® PTEN is a fully automated microscopy application for the FISH based detection of deletions of the PTEN gene is prostate tissue biopsies. Prostate cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in men: in 2013 almost a quarter of a million new cases were diagnosed in the U.S.

Ikoniscope® Digital Microscopy

The Ikoniscope® provides fully-automated slide handling, slide scanning, and real-time image capture and analysis, and eliminates many of the factors that cause human error in testing. It can scan and analyze up to 2,000,000 cells on a single slide for rare-cell detection based tests.

oncoFISH® bladder

Due to the limitations of urine cytology and bladder cystoscopy, molecular biomarker techniques are often utilized as an adjunct in diagnosing urothelial carcinomas. The oncoFISH® bladder application allows scanning and analysis of cells recovered from a voided urine sample.

oncoFISH® her2

oncoFISH® her2 is a fully automated microscopy application for the determination of the HER2 status of tissue sections from breast tissue biopsies, that have been hybridized with a FISH probe for the HER2 gene and a control probe for the chromosome 17 centromere.

Ikonisoft Explorer CS

Ikonisoft Explorer CS is an automated FISH scanning application for analysis of any cell suspension deposited on a slide that has been hybridized with any desired combination of FISH probes. This versatile application makes cell suspension FISH assays faster and easier.

IkoniWAN® Gateway

Much more than a VPN connection: cleared for use with all Ikonisys diagnostic applications, IkoniWAN’s interface looks and feels identical to that of a local workstation yet it is supported by a highly encrypted secure connection. IkoniWAN runs on a sophisticated server computer.